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Wassertec - Bright Blue 20G

UVO Ultra Violet Ozone Generator

Small General Purpose Ozone Generator

Ozone air treatment with the UVO Ultra Violet Ozone Generator is a safe, simple and effective way of eliminating odours and sanitising any indoor environment.
Replicating what nature has been doing for millions of years.

Wassertec - UVO - Portable Unit

UVO Portable

Ozone Output: 200mg/hr
Wassertec - UVO - Commercial

UVO Commercial, Stainless Steel

Ozone Output: 1000mg/hr


  • Suitable for air treatment applications
  • Residential and Commercial models
  • High-quality, long-lasting UV lamp
  • Durable electro-galvanised or stainless steel casing
  • Freestanding or wall mounted
  • Portable options
Wassertec - UVO

UVO Wallmount Internal View


  • Air sanitation and disinfection
  • Removes residual odours and kills bacteria
  • Eliminates airborne pathogens and harmful chemicals
  • UV lamp working life of 9000 hours
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Built to the highest standards
  • Durable, long-lasting components

Suitable Applications of Ozone Air Treatment

It is important to note when using ozone that no two applications will be the same. Before determining the amount of ozone required the following needs to be known:

  1. Quality of required result.

  2. Quality of the air volume to be treated.

Each has its own set of variables which will require analysis. Here are some applications to which a UV ozone generator is suited.

Wassertec - UVO - Hotel Room De-Odourisation

Hotel room de-odourisation

Typical residual odours are from tobacco, body odour, perfume & food. A 200 mg/hr portable unit will effectively treat a 35m² hotel room in 20-30 minutes.
For a room of 50m² 45-55 minutes is required.
Wassertec - UVO - Smoking Areas

Smoking areas

A 200 mg/hr wall-mounted unit will effectively control smoke per 31m² when operating continuously.
Wassertec - UVO - Cold Storage

Cold storage

Ozone is used to disinfect the air in cold storage rooms. A 200 mg/hr wall-mounted unit per 13m² running continuously will maintain air disinfection.
Wassertec - UVO - Butcheries and Fishmongers

Butcheries & Fishmongers

Ozone air treatment is effective for controlling odours and bacteria. A 200 mg/hr wall-mounted unit per 42m² running continuously will maintain air disinfection.

Tech Specs

Wassertec - UVO Wall mount

UVO Wallmount

Wassertec - UVO Portable

UVO Portable

Ozone Generator
UVO WallmountUVO Portable
Size and WeightHeight: 200mm (7.87 inches)

Width: 350mm (13.78 inches)

Depth: 100mm (3.94 inches)

Weight: 2.9kg (6.39 pounds)
Height: 160mm (6.3 inches)

Width: 355mm (13.98 inches)

Depth: 130mm (5.12 inches)

Weight: 3.2kg (7.06 pounds)
Power230V - 50Hz - 50W.

Electrical Connection:

3 Pin IEC connector (kettle plug).
EnclosurePower coated
electro-galvanised steel.
Ozone Output± 200 mg/hr.
UV Lamp1 x 212 mm.

UV Lamp life:

9000 hours (1 year continuous use).
Colours (Wallmount unit)White
Wassertec - UVO Commercial

UVO Commercial

Ozone Generator
UVO Commercial
Size and WeightHeight: 225mm (8.86 inches)

Width: 610mm (24 inches)

Depth: 145mm (5.7 inches)

Weight: 7.2kg (15.87 pounds)
Power230V - 50Hz - 365W.

Electrical Connection:

3 Pin IEC connector (kettle plug).
Enclosure340 stainless steel.
Ozone Output± 1000 mg/hr.
Mounting OptionsFree standing or wall mounted.

Cape Town

Capricorn Park
126 Capricorn Drive (Corner of Gateway Close),
Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa

T:+27 (0)21 788 2343

Distributors in Europe

SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Stuifenstraße 59, D-74385 Pleidelsheim, Germany

T: +49 7144 888 27 55  |  F: 0049 77144 899 99 05

Distributors in New Zealand, Australia and Pacific

Splatt Engineering, 69 Woodcocks Road, 0910 Warkworth,
Auckland, New Zealand

T: +64 9 427 9020

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