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Oxygen Concentrators

Wassertec - Bright Blue 20G

Oxygen Concentrators

High-quality oxygen generators.
The OX5 oxygen generator produces up to 5 litres per minute of oxygen at >93% purity from a compressed air supply. Simple, reliable and serviceable.


Designed and made in South Africa

In 2005 we decided to design an oxygen generator to complement our ozone technology. This is because you need oxygen to make ozone. Two years of design and development led to the creation of our OX5 oxygen generator. It produces up to 5 litres per minute of oxygen at >93% purity from a compressed air supply. It’s simple, reliable and above all, serviceable.

Made entirely from CNC machined aluminium, the OX5 uses a specially designed ceramic rotary valve to send air alternately to a pair of cylinders. These cylinders are filled with a ‘Molecular Sieve’ which separates the oxygen from other gases in the air. The quality of the molecular sieve is critical to the performance and reliability of the system. We only use the highest quality ‘Nitroxy 5’ sieve, imported from France.

Wassertec - Oxygen Concentrators

OX-5 Oxygen Generator / Oxygen Concentrator.

Wassertec - Nitroxy By Arkema

Design and Features

Innovative Design

The OX-5 works on the principle of pressure swing adsorption to generate oxygen from compressed air. Air is pumped through columns of a molecular sieve which alternately produces Oxygen, or purges Nitrogen & moisture. Central to the design is the rotary distribution valve which reduces complexity and improves reliability.

Solid Construction

The unit is constructed entirely from CNC machined 6063 Aluminium. There are no plastic components in the body of the unit and nothing fragile. Innovative use of angled drilling techniques allows the tube end caps to be machined from a single billet.

Wassertec - Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen Concentrator Components

Wassertec - Oxygen Concentrators

Rotary Distribution Valve

A simple yet sophisticated rotary valve distributes compressed air evenly between the sieve columns. The valve removes the need for complicated electronics and solenoid valve assemblies.
Wassertec- Oxygen Concentrators

High-Quality Molecular Sieve

The sieve columns contain only the highest quality molecular sieve from Arkema. The sieve columns are designed for quick and easy replacement of the sieve in the event of water damage.

Easy Connections

The central column houses the oxygen receiver as well as the rotary distribution valve. Quick connect push/pull couplings allow sieve columns to be exchanged in minutes.

Tech Specs

Wassertec - OX5 Diagram

OX-5 Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Generator
OX-5 Oxygen Concentrator
Size and WeightHeight: 490mm (19.29 inches)

Width: 275mm (10.82 inches)

Depth: 115mm (4.52 inches)

Weight: 6.5kg (14.33 pounds)
Oxygen output (litres/minute)95% @ 3 L/min (Litres per minute), 93% @ 5 L/min ( +/- 2% )
Oxygen pressure60kPa
Oxygen dew-point-60°C
Power230V - 50Hz - 14W.
Enclosure6063 Anodised Aluminum, CNC machined.
Distribution valveSintered alumina ceramic. CNC machined and mirror polished
Molecular SieveArkema Nitroxy 5
Compressed air requirement if supplied from an air line85 litres/minute @ 2 Bar pressure
Air MUST be free of oil and liquid water.
Max 48°C
Oil-Less Compressor requirementTwin cylinder, oil-less rocking piston type,
85 litres/minute @ 2 Bar
A cooling coil must be fitted
Tube ConnectionsAir inlet - 10mm od. quick connect
Oxygen outlet - 6mm pd quick conn.
Mounting OptionsWall mounted
Environmental RequirementsIndoor use only
Minimum ambient temperature 0°C
Max ambient temperature 40°C
Optional ExtrasOxygen flowmeter 0-5 litres/minute
Oil-less compressor and cooling coil

Cape Town

Capricorn Park
126 Capricorn Drive (Corner of Gateway Close),
Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa

T:+27 (0)21 788 2343

Distributors in Europe

SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Stuifenstraße 59, D-74385 Pleidelsheim, Germany

T: +49 7144 888 27 55  |  F: 0049 77144 899 99 05

Distributors in New Zealand, Australia and Pacific

Splatt Engineering, 69 Woodcocks Road, 0910 Warkworth,
Auckland, New Zealand

T: +64 9 427 9020

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