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Ozone has literally thousands of uses. However it is most commonly used for drinking water disinfection, disinfection of packaging (ie. bottles before filling), and de-odourisation of hotel rooms, smoking areas, and refuse areas.

Ozone (O3) is made by splitting an Oxygen (O2) molecule and re-combining the atoms as an odd number. This can be done in two ways.

  1. Using a high voltage discharge, commonly referred to as Corona Discharge. Think of it as making lightning in a box.
  2. Using Ultra Violet light at a particular frequency.

Wassertec manufactures both types of ozone generators. As a rule, Corona Discharge is better suited to water treatment and Ultra Violet is better for Air treatment.

In low concentrations (<0.2ppm) ozone is not harmful. In high concentrations, ozone can be very harmful.
Wassertec products are designed with Health and Safety in mind, so as to ensure that users are not exposed to high levels of ozone. Our industrial systems feature ambient ozone detectors, which will switch off the system if high levels are measured.

Wassertec ozone generators are designed and manufactured by us in our Cape Town factory. Our products feature proprietary technology in terms of ozone generation, oxygen generation, PLC ozone operating systems, ozone measurement, and control software.

We have been building ozone systems since 1998 and have gained extensive experience over the years. If we can help we will gladly assist.

Yes, we do. Our Bright Blue systems are fully automated and run software that has been continuously developed and improved since 2007.

We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our ozone products. All our ozone generators are built into custom-designed laser-cut enclosures. Materials used are chosen for their resistance to ozone, mainly stainless steel, alumina ceramic & Teflon. Our electronics have been thoroughly tested for resistance to short circuits and voltage surges. We do not take shortcuts or use inferior materials.

All Wassertec products are fully serviceable and we have service technicians.

If it is one of our products then most certainly. However, we do not service or repair other brands.

All critical components are kept in stock and can be dispatched within a day or two. Other components in our systems (pumps, filters, etc.) are chosen on the basis of their quality AND availability in South Africa. These should therefore be available in SA on any given day.

Ozone replaces chlorine. In addition to this, we add Sodium Bromide at 1Kg per 20,000 litres once a year. This improves the efficiency of the ozone. Algaecide is also required. We also recommend a non-foaming Blue Algaecide, which is a once-a-month treatment in summer and can be added every 3 months in Winter. None of these affect the taste or smell of the ozone swimming pool water which will remain neutral.

Yes, all our products have a 1 year warranty.

Absolutely not. These systems are nothing more than Snake Oil. Ozone does not have the health benefits claimed. Furthermore, ozone is not soluble in water over 40C and bubble diffusion generally requires a water depth of around 6 metres. So unless your bath is cold and very deep none of the ozone produced will dissolve in any meaningful way. The ozone you smell is the ozone that got away.

Cape Town

Capricorn Park
126 Capricorn Drive (Corner of Gateway Close),
Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa

T:+27 (0)21 788 2343

Distributors in Europe

SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Stuifenstraße 59, D-74385 Pleidelsheim, Germany

T: +49 7144 888 27 55  |  F: 0049 77144 899 99 05

Distributors in New Zealand, Australia and Pacific

Splatt Engineering, 69 Woodcocks Road, 0910 Warkworth,
Auckland, New Zealand

T: +64 9 427 9020

Wassertec | Engineered Ozone Solutions for water and air treatment | Ozone Generators. Specialists in Ozone Technology. We stock all components at our Cape Town offices: ensuring rapid replacement of spares and minimal downtime..

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